Open yourself to the knowledge, insights, practices, tools, and inspiration from 20 inspiring souls who share their personal stories and the secrets to living their lives in a space of abundance and well-being.

If you think you’re alone, think again.

These beautiful authors are here to help you, and they do it through their stories.

Watch The Movie. Read The Book. Be Inspired.

Live in a Space of Abundance Every Day.

For some of us, it takes years to come to a place of ease, and we must struggle through circumstances we wouldn’t wish on anyone before we come to what we knew in our hearts was possible all along. For others there is a pivotal moment, a shift in perception, or a dramatic, perhaps painful event that forever changes them. When one has lived it, they feel compelled to share their newfound knowing with others—that is true of the authors is this book.

These incredible individuals have discovered a way to live that feels good to them, serves a higher purpose, and feeds their spirits. They share their transformations to benefit and assist others, and to light the way with encouragement and love from a place of newfound and deep wisdom, and as you read their stories you’ll be filled with encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

Healthy, Abundant, and Wise is a collection of stories that reflect the emotions, decision-points, and transformations familiar and personal to each of us. These stories are a gift of wisdom from the authors to you.

Discover these Gifts of Transformation and Abundance:

  • Self-love is the basis for empowerment and joy
  • How to recognize a spiritual awakening
  • Worthiness is a gift that you were born with
  • Caring for our aging parents beginning with ABC
  • Belonging and self-acceptance must come from within
  • Divorce is both an end and a beginning
  • The connection between physical and emotional pain
  • Changing your surroundings changes your life energy
  • Releasing the past is one step in moving forward with ease
  • Follow your heart for personal and business growth
  • Grief, despair, and pain come with their own gifts
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Gina Costa CPC, ELI-MP, ACC

As a former caregiver, breast cancer survivor and certified professional life coach, I help women with cancer cope with the emotional and physical challenges they experience so that they regain confidence and control of their lives. Whether you have recently been diagnosed, in treatment or out of treatment I will help you navigate the unknown and create new beginnings well beyond cancer to create well-being in all areas of your life.I am Dedicated to New Beginnings After Cancer! www.newbeginningswithgina.com

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Business Soulwork by Ling Wong

Intuitive Brainiac | Copywriting Alchemist. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling uncovers, articulates & transforms the big WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts for the Maverick-preneurs. www.business-soulwork.com

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Michelle Mayur, in partnership with the Divine, co-creates transformational energetic shifts in women who are ready to make a bigger difference in the world. Through both her writing and her healing work, she assists women to dissolve limiting beliefs and energetic blockages so they can step fully into their Power, Passion and Purpose. www.heal-the-healer.com

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Rebecca Matias is an intuitive business coach, author and inspirational speaker who supports passionate, high-achieving women entrepreneurs eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them back, so they can break through to their next level of success. Contact us today for your Complimentary Fastest Path Breakthrough Session at Rebecca@RebeccaMatias.com www.rebeccamatias.com

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Jennifer Hamady, MA, is a counselor and voice coach specializing in self-expression. Based in New York City, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and non-musicians to discover, develop, and confidently release their best personal, professional, and performance potential. She writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today on matters of creative expression.  www.findingyourvoice.com

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Gina Mollicone-Long is an international best-selling author, compelling speaker and serial entrepreneur with a mission to reveal greatness in individuals, teams and organizations. She is the CEO of The Greatness Group, a multi-national team building and training company, and she has a breadth of corporate experience that ranges from giants such as Procter & Gamble to high-tech incubators, small start-ups and even the non profit sector.  www.ginaml.com

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Lynn Scheurell, the Creative Catalyst, facilitates transformation and self-mastery through metaphysical insights.  www.mycreativecatalyst.com

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Paloma Baertschi-Herrera

As Animal Communicator, Life Energy Consultant, Certified Dog Trainer and Personal Development Coach, Paloma has helped people create a joyful and harmonious relationship with their animal companions for over 15 years now. “During all these years I was blessed to learn a lot from the animals and Mother Earth herself.” www.speciesspace.com

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Marilyn Bellantoni – Ruby Fruit Holistics

As a Holistic Health and Transformation Coach, Marilyn guides and inspires women to know, love, and care for their own bodies, replace toxic habits and thought patterns with empowering ones, and “Stand Tall” with self-confidence and courage. Known as the Short Coach with Tall Results, Marilyn facilitates rapid and lasting change in her clients. www.rubyfruitholistics.com

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Dr. Jo Anne White is an International Award Winning, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Image and Branding Specialist and Lead Generation Strategist. She’s also the Executive Producer and Host of the Power Your Life TV & Radio Shows. Her books, training and seminars have inspired, empowered and transformed millions of people to create the lives and businesses of their dreams. www.drjoannewhite.com

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Internationally acclaimed intuitive healer, master coach, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari’s deepest joy is empowering healers, coaches and conscious leaders to unwrap their intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts. Kumari hosted a World Puja radio show “Co-Creation Activations” and holds a powerful energetic presence where healing shifts occur spontaneously www.kumarihealing.com

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Carol Ann DeSimine is a branding expert and money mindset coach and creator of The Sizzle System of Personal Branding. She helps entrepreneurial women get their gifts into the world to build a freedom-based business that fits their lifestyle. Learn more about her programs and services at www.thesizzlesystem.com

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