Unlimited Replays May 21 – May 25th

20 Amazing Authors
7 Power-Packed Hours

  • Are you missing out on everyday abundance?
  • Are you living your life for everyone but you?
  • Are you making it through your day feeling like you’re in a fog?
  • Are you tired of trying so hard and coming up short?
  • Are you wondering if joy is possible for others and not you?
  • Are you just ‘hanging in there’ but not truly happy with your life?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this summit is for you.

These interviews will give you the courage and know-how to stand up for yourself and learn how to thrive with grace and ease. They will assist you in having more peace and joy in your everyday living and will provide practical tools for you to achieve the level of success in business that you desire. These authors will help you take a good look into your life and relationships and fix what isn’t working – including the relationship you have with yourself… and much more..

The Healthy, Abundant, and Wise Summit is here for you!
You’re going to love what you learn!

Our Guests for these Interviews are the
Amazing Authors of our soon-to-be-released Anthology Book titled
Healthy, Abundant, and Wise.

That’s right, you will hear:

20 Inspiring Interviews
20 Messages of Wisdom, Tools, and Ready-to-Implement Action Steps
20 Voices of Experience and Empowerment

They are not all trained experts – Instead, they are ordinary individuals who are living their lives with Extra-ordinary Courage, Extra-ordinary Conviction and in Extra-ordinary Ways.

They have chosen to live more consciously in their lives and have transformed in the areas of well-being, relationships and spirituality. On their journeys they have woken up to themselves and now they are sharing what they’ve experienced and learned for you.


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Session Speakers and Topics

Session 1 – Monday, May 16:

Marilyn Bellantoni
Identity ~ How “I Am” Can Either Help or Hinder Your Growth

Allyson Fusella
Heart Centered Wellness ~ Accessing the Guidance of Your Heart to Heal Your Pain

Stacy Davenport
Space, Energy, and You: How the Energy of Your Space can Assist You in being Healthy, Abundant, and Wise

Carly Alyssa Thorne
Thriving Versus Surviving and Never Ever Give Up

Session 2 – Tuesday, May 17:

Anitra Richardson
Inner Light Makeover ~ Their Way, My Way, Yahweh

Mayra Sanchez
Lifestyle Matters! ~ Re-Energize the “Care” in Healthcare

Suzanne Spencer
Leadership ~ The Gift of Building People

Carey Cloyd
Awakening To and Resting As the Love that We Are

Session 3 – Wednesday, May 18:

Donielle Mills
A Bridge Over Troubled Water ~ Walk Over and Beyond because that’s Where the Magic Is

Kathy Sipple
Divining Abundance: A Social Alchemist’s Guide to Treasure Hunting

Ananda Kenboya
Awe-Inspired: Living the Life You Really, Really Want

Maggie Poetz
Healthy Home Hazards: 4 Hidden Dangers that Keep You from Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthy Home

Session 4 – Thursday, May 19:

Nancy Fairchild
The Healer’s Journey ~ Overcoming Hurdles and Obstacles by Rerouting Your Emotional Guidance System

Terri-Sue Hill
Common Threads: Weaving the Ties that Bind when Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

Robin David
Unleash Your Greatness Within: Empower Yourself to Live Your Truth

Christina Dietz
Healing and Transforming with Color: Creating Your Very Own Color Remedy

Session 5 – Friday, May 20:

Glenn Schock
Defining Moments ~ Connecting the Dots that Transformed Me into a Leader

Dana Micheli
Spirituality, Meditation, and You ~ The Joys of Undertaking a Spiritual Journey

Kathy Fyler & Sue Urda
Growing Wiser ~ The Journey of Learning, Sharing, and Teaching